Cao Thang Technical High School in SaiGon was founded as The Asian Mechanical School by the 
decree of the South Governor Rodier on February 20th 1906.During that time the Indochine Governor
 General was Bonhour.
    The main purpose of The Asian Mechanical School was to provide mechanics for the French Navy and
or French Industries and Factories.
The principal who founded the school was Mr.Emmanuel Rosel,an engineer,and a mechanical Navy captain. 
He died in 1939 as a Navy Colonel. 
      At that time students were few, because the vietnamese people did not want to join the French 
Navy after graduation. There were only 30 students in the first year.
Asian Mechanical School was under order of the French Navy,but expenses were paid by The South 
Viet Namese Government. Machines and equipments were provided by The French Navy. Teachers were navy
 officers in Sai Gon Port Base.
                                                         Historical and Organized System of
                                                Cao Thang Technical High School in 1959